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Private Cremation & Communal Cremation 

Private Cremation: Your pet will be cremated privately and tagged with our Positive ID tag system. The cost is based on the weight of your pet and the pricing includes a wooden urn with an engraved nameplate and Certificate of Cremation. For more items to help honor the memory of your beloved pet, please visit our memorialization section. 

Communal Cremation: Your pet will be cremated along with other pets. The cost of cremation is based on the weight of your pet. There will be no return of cremains. The cremains will be disposed of by in accordance with EPA guidelines. 

Sometimes our pets pass suddenly but usually we know when the end is near. We offer pre-arrangement so that when the time comes, you won't need to worry about the details. Contact us and we'll make sure your final days with your pet are free of any arrangement worries. 

How do I know if I am getting my pet's cremains back?

We use a Positive Identification Tag System to guarantee that you are getting your pet's cremains returned. When your pet enters our facility, a numbered ID tag is placed with them throughout the cremation process. The ID tag is impervious to cremation and is returned along with the cremains. This ID number corresponds to the number on their certificate of cremation. 

Can I request Paws ‘n Reflect instead of another provider suggested by my vet?

Yes, you can absolutely ask for Paws ‘n Reflect to provide services for your pet as opposed to utilizing another company suggested by your vet. We work with all vets and will arrange the pick up of your beloved pet from your vet’s office. 
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"If the kindest of souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all."

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