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Thank you so much for taking care of my Beautiful Alana’s remains.. The clippings of her hair were so wonderful to receive. The engagement of her name on top was absolutely beautiful and so well done. Thank you again Paulette Walker.

Paulette Walker
January 17, 2024

It has been a month and two days since the passing of my best friend of nearly 16 years. Yes , I count every single day. Peanut was my constant and every single day revolved around him. He was a brother to my children, a child to me and my best friend. He was the absolute toughest loss in my 50 years. As hard as it has been, Ms. Laura @ Paws N' Reflect made everything SO MUCH easier. So much compassion and respect was not only shown, but wholeheartedly felt as well. Ms. Laura and her coworkers are all compassionate animal lovers themselves as well, and it shows. I don't know what I would have done without these good folks. To Ms. Laura and the entire Paws n' Reflect crew: From the bottom of my heart.....Thank you all for all that you did and how you all treated me, and thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder (Ms. Laura). I REALLY felt like you are one of the few that really understands. The memorial video that you folks put together is something that I will always cherish. Thank you all for making such a hard time so much easier and memorable.

Forever grateful,

William Calcote and Family

William Calcote and Family
December 4, 2023

I really can't find the words to express how wonderful Laura has been to us in the loss of our most wonderful dog, Ripper. Such compassion for Ripper and us. I know in my heart that Laura attended to his remains with love. She has always been special but even more so now. Please call Laura or Bob if you should have this need for your pet. Johnny uses this quote for Ripper: "My best friend has never spoken to me." Thank you Paws'n Reflect. With my love, Karen

John & Karen Morris
July 29, 2023

July 7th 2023 we had to say goodbye to our beloved Miley. She was the best dog ever and we miss her so much. We are thankful for the 13 years she was with us. We are so thankful to Swainsboro Animal Clinic for the care they gave her and all the support they gave us. We are also thankful to Paws ‘n Reflect for the great job they did with Miley’s Cremation. I’m so happy to have my girl back home with us. Rest In Peace my sweet girl. We will love you forever.

Diana Thompson
July 18, 2023

My beautiful George crossed the Rainbow Bridge July3, 2023 late. I contacted Paws n Reflect in the morning and Bob was very professional and compassionate. He met me in Swainsboro to receive George. Very understanding. I was contacted that George was ready. I was very pleased with his final resting place, beautiful tasteful wood Box. Everyone was so understanding and let me cry and talk about George. I now have George home where he belongs.

Judy Morgan
July 15, 2023

On April 21 we lost one of our family members. Snoop was born on 10/14/2021 and passed unexpectedly. We gave Paws ‘n Reflect a call close to 7:00 on a Friday night and they immediately helped with all of our needs. The sweet lady even offered to meet us halfway. By Sunday, snoopy was ready to come home. They are the best and took such great care of our baby. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making this process much easier.

Nicole Sellers
April 24, 2023

Absolutely the happiest saddest moment in our lives, i feel Dolly was handled with the utmost respect possible and the vet was very kind and respectful to my wife and i. We were surprised when we received her ashes, the care and craftsmanship are beautiful i couldn't have asked for anything better for our beloved Dolly, she will be forever remembered and we thank you for handling her not only in a professional way but kind and caring as well.

Chris & Abby
March 16, 2023

We unexpectedly lost our precious boy Brady recently and did not know what to do after the loss. We decided to have Paws 'n Reflect do the cremation. Thank you for the beautiful box that he is in and taking good care of him throughout the process. I definitely recommend Paws and Reflect for when that awful day comes that your dog goes over the Rainbow Bridge.

Katherine Blair
January 13, 2023

Unexpected my ride or die of 17 years crossed over the rainbow bridge. This organization handled everything through the vet which was so helpful. When I received my life long friend back it gave me such comfort to know how wonderful and thoughtful they were in easing my sadness. They by far go above and beyond to give you comfort. Highly recommend if you ever experience a loss like this.

November 18, 2022

My Sassy was the apple of my eye. I found out about Paws' n Reflect through my sister and brother-in-law, Chuck and Shirley Coleman. They had just lost their sweet Bella and told me about this wonderful service. & I'm so glad they were able to come and get my Sassy. I've had my precious baby since she was six weeks old but she didn't belong to just me. She was originally my mom's but I spent a lot of time playing ball with her. She was so smart when I would talk to her she would listen and eventually learned what I was saying. She learned to know the difference in the color of her balls the ones she liked the most, but now after sixteen years of her blessing my heart with plenty of love and kisses, ,I sadly had to tell her for the last time that I love her very much and she would always be my baby. She knew my husband as papa and sadly he passed away on August 1, 2019 and it left Sassy and I until she passed on October 29 2022. ,My daughter-in-law ' was able to get this one for me ,I love her but my Sassy was my heart and sole she is with papa now and her other mom. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 29 at 11:30 but thanks to my family and Paws 'n' Reflect for having such wonderful hearts and empathy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing a service that allowed my beloved pet to be able to come home. God Bless each one of you.

Patricia Allmond
November 8, 2022

Our little Bella had gotten sick almost 2 years before she passed. Well the day came that she got even sicker. The medicine the vet had her on wasn't working anymore. We had to rush her to the vet and we had to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge. She was only 10 years old. Paws ‘n Reflect picked her up at the vet and brought her back as well. They took such good care of her and put her in the most beautiful elegant box and now we have her with us forever and in our hearts

Shiny Coleman
October 10, 2022

It has taken a little while to be able to post. Thank you for your care for my beloved Milo, my 19 year old Siamese. He passed at home from cancer on September 1st and we were able to care for him in his final days.. Cierra and Laura are very compassionate, and Cierra went above and beyond. This is a blessing to pet parents who love their animals in ways some may not understand. Paws and Reflect helped me in this difficult time and allowed to to honor Milo with the dignity and love he deserved. Thank you all so very much for all you do.
Julie Harris

Julie Harris
September 18, 2022

Our sweet beloved Frankie was such a joy! He went on to Doggie Heaven on July 12, 2022. Paws’ n Reflect ensured Frankie’s final steps to his transition was special and oh so precious. Thank you Paws’ n Reflect for such an outstanding professional job.
Todd Family

Michelle Todd
July 22, 2022

Our Tibetan Terrier was nearing the end of his life and we searched online for somewhere to have him cremated when his time came. The reviews for Paws ‘n Reflect were outstanding and we knew it would be the right choice. The morning he passed the call to Laura was tearfully made and we drove him to Statesboro. Laura and Bob are consummate professionals. The care and detail they present, and the beautiful way they handled the memorial of our little guy was above and beyond. Our heartfelt thanks to them for the beautiful tribute to our Elijah.

Phil & Trish Knight
July 21, 2022

My sweet little Taco went home to Heaven and the wonderful people at Paws ‘n Reflect helped me with everything. They are angels…..thank you! 💙

Susan Lovett
June 1, 2022

On April 25th, our precious boy, Atticus, passed away. We knew that we would use Paws ‘n Reflect and we took him to their office. The kindness that Laura showed to us is truly hard to adequately describe in words. We were able to talk about our wishes for Atticus and spend time with him until we were ready to entrust his precious body to Laura. It was very hard letting him go for the final time and we laid him in a sweet bassinet. We were able to pick him up this afternoon and could not be more pleased. The care and detail that was given to Atticus was everything and more than we ever imagined. Atticus was our world and we will be forever grateful for the love and care that was given to ALL of us by Paws ‘n Reflect.

Kelly Tankersley and Chris Cuddington
April 29, 2022

I had to to say goodbye to my 2 sister dogs that were 13 and half years old Nov 2020. When I had said goodbye to one the other went 7 days later! This place was my life saver and was so understanding with my emotions! They were able for me to pick them up at the same time to bring them home together! This was already hard on our family but this gave us peace that they were together at the rainbow bridge. I have 3 older dogs that If I have to make the decision again I will use them! Thank you for being a place we can rest easy knowing our pets are still loved with care., respect, and for returning our beloved pets to us to always remember.

LaShae Beasley
December 31, 2021

I would recommend Paws and Reflect to anyone. I received my sweet boy Hershey, in the most perfect box, that I will treasure forever.. I was not ready to let him go and now he is with me always. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart…

Armanda Alojado
November 3, 2021

I would recommend Paws n Reflect to anyone who has lost one of their animal companions. I am so happy we found them after losing my bun. The box was beautiful and they made the process so easy. It all helped tremendously during a very difficult time. Very thankful for them.

Kelsey Kinnamon
July 30, 2021

Shout out to Paws ‘n Reflect. They are a pet cremation service in Statesboro. They answer the phone 24/7, and they give a military discount. I sincerely hope nobody requires these services any time soon. But it is nice to have an alternative to the Savannah Pet Cemetery, especially if it’s kind of far away like they are for us. The gentleman who took care of us was so compassionate and empathetic and even provided at-home pick up/drop off.

Micci Alderman
July 15, 2021

I can't thank Paws 'n Reflect enough for their professionalism and shared sympathy of our sweet boy. They went out of their way to pick him up at a last minutes call after he passed away, listened to me cry on the phone with compassion and delivered him back to us today. What a beautiful way to remember him by.

Tonya Livingston
May 7, 2021

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